Tambra Brass Tags

Auction Sale Tags/ Hip Tags

We carry a variety of sales tags and accessories to make your sales tracking easier. Our tags are useful for livestock sales, veterinarians, auctions, and kennels. The plastic sales tag can have your auction name custom imprinted on the back and come in either yellow, white, or orange colors.

View: Plastic Sale Tags Blank

Plastic Sale Tags Blank

View: Plastic Sale Tags Numbered

Plastic Sale Tags Numbered

View: Perfect Ringer Shoat Rings

Perfect Ringer Shoat Rings

View: Perfect Ringer Shoat Ring Pliers -$10.20

Perfect Ringer Shoat Ring Pliers -$10.20

View: Kennel ID -Blank - 1.10 each

Kennel ID -Blank - 1.10 each

View: Kennel ID -Numbered $1.25 each

Kennel ID -Numbered $1.25 each

View: Weatherproof Hip Tags

Weatherproof Hip Tags

View: Hip Tag Cement

Hip Tag Cement

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