Tambra Brass Tags

Tag Accessories

Our selection of tag accessories makes your job easier. Feel confident that your tags will stay on with our rings and s-hooks. Use the best attachment method to meet your needs and your tag. 

View: "O" Rings

"O" Rings

View: "S" Hooks

"S" Hooks

View: Twist Hooks

Twist Hooks

View: Strip Packaging

Strip Packaging

View: Skin Packaging

Skin Packaging

View: "O" Ring Plier -$5.00

"O" Ring Plier -$5.00

View:  Split Rivets

Split Rivets

View: Key Rings 1-1/8"

Key Rings 1-1/8"

View: Key Rings- 1"

Key Rings- 1"

View: "S" Hooks - Attached

"S" Hooks - Attached

View: Reinforced Eyelets

Reinforced Eyelets

View: Paint-Filled Type

Paint-Filled Type

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