Tambra Brass Tags

USDA & Laboratory Tags

These USDA style metal id tags and kennel dog tags are designed to meet the needs of your business. They are functional, durable, and can be custom printed to match your numbering system. If you use identification numbers, vaccination codes, or stock numbers, our custom engraving can make these laboratory tags comply with your standards. Ketchum has a long history of making quality USDA laboratory tags and kennel dog tags.

View: Circle #128 Aluminum

Circle #128 Aluminum

View: Circle #128 Brass

Circle #128 Brass

View: Circle #128 Stainless Steel

Circle #128 Stainless Steel

View: Oblong #113 USDA Aluminum

Oblong #113 USDA Aluminum

View: Oblong #113 USDA Brass

Oblong #113 USDA Brass

View: Oblong #113 USDA Stainless Steel

Oblong #113 USDA Stainless Steel

View: Kennel ID -Blank - 1.10 each

Kennel ID -Blank - 1.10 each

View: Kennel ID -Numbered $1.25 each

Kennel ID -Numbered $1.25 each

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