Adjustable Seal Leg Bands Plain Aluminum - Numbered and Lettered

Adjustable Aluminum Chicken Leg Bands - Numbered and Lettered

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The Adjustable Seal Leg Band has been sold for many years to game and poultry clubs and breeders. With this leg band it is possible to use one numbering system to identify various breeds. The band is made of pliable aluminum, 3/8" wide, with an open end button drawn on one end and three adjustment holes at the other. Use Plier #347 (Sold seperately below). This band is designed to fit Leghorns, Mediterranean breeds, Rocks, Reds, Leghorn Cocks, American breeds, Asiatics, Langshans, Orpington and American Cocks. Contact us if you require a different size band.

Check out this PDF file for Legband Sizes.

Plain Aluminum - Numbered and Lettered - 100 qty. - $22.50 - Minimum
Plain Aluminum - Numbered and Lettered - 200qty. - $29.00
Plain Aluminum - Numbered and Lettered - 500qty - $42.50
Plain Aluminum - Numbered and Lettered - 1000qty - $59.00

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