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1/2" Width Cable Ties


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At Ketchum Manufacturing, we believe in tailoring our pricing to best meet your needs and provide you with the most accurate and competitive quote.

Made from pliable .016" thick aluminum, cut to your length.

The pricing formula below will allow you to determine your cost per 1000 ties, Please call 800-222-0460 to place your order.

Cost per inch per thousand:

1" - 4" $15.00 per inch
4" - 8" $ 12.00 per inch

To calculate your Required Length:
(3.14 x Diameter to be tagged) + .750 = Required Length

To calculate Cost per Thousand ties:
Required Length x Cost per Inch = Your Cost per Thousand

Example: 1000 cable ties for 2" diameter wire.
2" (dia) x 3.14 (Pi) + .750" = 7.03" (required length)
7.03 (length) x 12.00 (from cost table above) = $84.36 (Your cost per 1000 ties)

Please call 800-222-0460 to order.

Price quotations available on quantities over 5,000 ties and tie lengths over 8".
Custom work also available - Wire Forming.


We operate on a traditional work week Monday through Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm. During that time one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you.