Metal Ear Tags

Ketchum offers a variety of livestock tags, cattle tags, and other assorted metal tags. We can assist in making your livestock identification process fast, clean and tamper-proof. We utilize corrosion-resistant steel for the cattle tags with a sharp point. This enables the user to pierce the ear and apply the cattle identification tags cleanly for faster healing.

Ketchum also offers custom cattle tags to meet your identification needs. You can have custom sequential numbers imprinted, along with names, addresses or initials. Our cow tags can be personalized to match your identification system.

Many farmers use our metal tags along with plastic livestock tags to mark vaccinations, breed and age of their animals. Our products are recognized for being long-lasting and durable under even the harshest conditions, but it is possible that a cow ear tag (or other livestock ear tag) can go missing. Make your identification numbers permanent with our high-quality animal tattoo equipment.

Applicators for Metal Ear Tags

Applicators used to apply our various styles of metal ID ear tags.