Dog & Cat Tags

At Ketchum manufacturing, we offer dog license tags in numerous shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your pet ID tags to your needs and desires. We offer both many options for dog license tags as well as pet ID tags for cats as well. Our smaller cat ID tags will fit perfectly on your furry friends. For those looking for dog ID tags, we also have a specialty novelty shaped dog license tags that are sure to delight you.

We manufacture all our pet id tags locally in upstate New York. Your dog license tags are available in a variety of materials including aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Our dog ID tags and cat ID tags are produced with your pets’ needs in mind—they are durable and can hook onto any number of pet collars for identification purposes. We also offer accessories for your pet ID tags, including different devices that connect your dog ID tags and cat ID tags to their collars.

Minimum orders start at 200, depending on the item. Pet ID tags can be custom imprinted with or without sequential numbering. Our variable length dog license tags can be cut to any length. The cat ID tags and dog ID tags we offer can be customer printed according to your specifications.

***Please allow 4 weeks for custom printed tags.***

NYS Dog License Tags

A dog license tag special for municipalities in NY State.

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Tag Accessories

"S" Hooks, Half Twist Hooks, "O" Rings, Key Rings, packaging options, paint filled lettering.

The Importance of Dog License Tags

Getting a dog license tag is something you should make sure is on your to-do list whenever you get a new dog. While the specifics of regulations vary depending on the state you are in, counties and cities all over have license requirements. Pet ID tags are a good investment for your cats and other animals as well. They make it easier for lost pets to find their way home and help authorities keep track of what pets belong to whom in the community. Dog ID tags and cat ID tags are perfect to help with your peace of mind and the safety of your furry friends.

Dog License Tag FAQs

  • Do I have to get a dog license?

    It is required to get a dog license in the majority of the country once a dog is over four months old. However, licenses are specific to the city or county you and your pet reside in. You should always check the specific dog license tag requirements of your local area whenever you move to ensure that your dog is licensed properly.

  • What are the benefits of getting my dog licensed?

    Dog licenses have several benefits to the pets who wear them. Getting your dog license typically makes it much easier to track them and return them to you if they become lost in the local area. Local officials can check the number on your dog’s license tag to see who the animal is licensed to. This makes for an easier return home safe and sound.

  • Where do I go to get my dog licensed?

    In most cases, you can acquire a dog license tag by visiting your local county or city clerk office. In some municipalities you can also attain a dog license tag by mail, which can save you time. Look up the local information about your specific town or city to see what the easiest option is for you.

  • What are the most common requirements for getting your dog licensed?

    Requirements to get a dog license change from area to area, but it is common to require that a pet be spayed/neutered and be fully caught up on vaccinations. It is also common for a small fee to be charged.

  • If I move, do I have to get a new dog license?

    Yes, especially if you are moving to a different state. It is common for different states to have slightly different requirements for their dog license tags, so it is important to check if you need to meet further requirements when you move and get a new dog license.

  • What are the dog license requirements in New York State?

    New York State requires all dogs over four months old to be licensed. In order to obtain a license, all dogs must be neutered or spayed and must be up to date on their rabies vaccinations. Certain localities in the state might have further requirements.

  • Does New York have a statewide leash law?

    No. New York does not have a statewide leash law. However, there are municipalities in the state that do have their own leash laws. It is always smart to check with local authorities about both leash laws and dog license tag requirements.

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