Livestock Markers

Our livestock markers are tools used in the agricultural and livestock industry to mark or identify animals for various purposes. These markers come in different forms and serve important functions in the management and care of livestock.

We push ourselves to be a leader in quality Livestock identification products. All Ketchum Brand Livestock Markers have been designed for durability and ease of use. These markers are fantastic for those working in cooler climates and ideal for marking hogs and pigs for inoculations, sorting, breeding and identification. These markers are also perfect for marking cattle and sheep for sorting, breeding, healthcare and identification. Markers are non-toxic and meant for use with all livestock. They are sold in boxes of 10 for $19.00 and come in 6 unique colors

For more than 95 years,
we have been making LIVESTOCK MARKERS every year for customers nationwide.

Our LIVESTOCK MARKERS meet and exceed expectations, which is why our customers come back again and again.


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