Firefighter Accountability Tags

Our firefighter accountability tags are custom engraved with your information, on contrasted colors for maximum visibility. Most departments use at least two for each firefighter, with trigger snap hooks, Bolt snap hooks, or C-clip carabiners to aid in tracking firefighter fireground activity. 

Help keep your firefighters safe when it matters most with our accountability tags. Trusted by firefighters for years on the fireground, our bright and contrasting accountability tags will always serve to keep track of any fire company's most important element - the firefighters themselves.

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View: Accountability Tags

Accountability Tags

Catalog Number: 421-FF

Custom engraved nylon tags used as part of a firefighter fireground accountability system.


View: Neck Tags -Numbered -$1.25

Neck Tags -Numbered -$1.25

Catalog Number: 421

Numbered nylon neck tags.


View: Bolt Snap Hooks -$2.25

Bolt Snap Hooks -$2.25

Catalog Number: 423

With 1-1/8" key ring.


View: Trigger Snap Hooks -$2.25

Trigger Snap Hooks -$2.25

Catalog Number: 424

With 1-1/8" key ring.


View: "C" Clip Carabiner - $2.75

"C" Clip Carabiner - $2.75

Catalog Number: 425

Mini "C" clip carabiner with key ring.


View: Key Rings 1-1/8"

Key Rings 1-1/8"

Catalog Number: 800 K

1-1/8" diameter:
$21.00 per 100
$170 per 1000