Lab Animal Supplies

Micro Tattoo System Micro Tattoo System
Aramis Laboratory Animal Mircotattoo System

Catalog Number:623


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Mouse Hut - Lab Animal Supplies
Refuge - Mouse Hut

Catalog Number:624


A comfortable and quiet place for your lab animals to rest, or to climb on and explore.

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Lab Animal Bedding
Cocoon - Nesting / Bedding Material

Catalog Number:626


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View: Mouse Ear Tags - YES! MOUSE EAR TAGS!
Mouse Ear Tags - YES! MOUSE EAR TAGS!

Catalog Number:627

Mouse Ear Tags are placed in a mouse's ear for color and numbered identification. Custom numbering series may be available for an additional fee.

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View: Nylon Cage Tags
Nylon Cage Tags

Catalog Number:421

Used for identifying caged animal requirements, warnings, and conditions.

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