Nylon Tags - Industrial

When customers think of “neck tags,” they most likely think in terms of firefighter accountability, kennel I.D. tags, and other common applications. In reality, though, Ketchum Mfg. Co.’s industrial-strength neck tags have a multitude of practical uses you may not have thought of. They are essentially miniature signposts that can be attached anywhere to communicate important identifying information about all manner of objects, from pipes and wiring to tools and supplies, and much more.

Blank Plastic Industrial Tag
Neck Tags -Blank

Catalog Number:421

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firefighter neck tag blue
Neck Tags -Numbered

Catalog Number:421

Numbered nylon neck tags.

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Neck Tags - Custom
Custom Engraved Nylon Tags

Catalog Number:421

Used for identifying caged animal requirements, warnings, and conditions.

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Custom nylon logo tags
Custom Logo Tags - Nylon

Catalog Number:421C

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Our plastic neck tags consist of a tough nylon core and a dyed exterior, available in a rainbow of primary colors. They can be delivered blank, sequentially numbered, or custom-engraved with your company's logo or with up to six lines of letters and numbers. (When engraved, the colored exterior is removed to reveal the white core.)

These heavy-duty neck tags, which are pear-shaped, are 0.175" thick and measure 3" high by 2" wide (at the widest part), with a 1"-diameter hole at the top. On the sequentially numbered tags, the engraved numerals are 1" tall with a 0.115" strike.

For maximum versatility, combine our nylon neck tags with bolt snap hooks, trigger snap hooks, "C" clip carabiners, or other connectors.