Animal Tattoo Identification

Our animal tattoo identification is a method used in the livestock industry to uniquely identify and manage individual animals within a herd. This technique involves the use of permanent tattoos to mark animals for various purposes.

Ketchum's tattoo equipment gives you the means to permanently and positively identify your livestock. Tattoos are a great back-up solution in the event that a livestock tag is lost. It can be difficult to identify your animals that are the same breed, so tattoos can prevent any confusion between the livestock.

It's recommended you use redundant identification methods for this very reason - and a good way to go about that is to use both tattooing and livestock tagging. Effective methods include a numeral system to organize your livestock.

Our animal tattoo equipment is designed to make the process as easy and as fast as possible. We offer both animal tattoo ink and the tools to apply the tattoos to your animals. Our animal tattoo kits are advanced and effective in preventing tearing and scratching from livestock moving during the process.

For more than 85 years,
we have been making ANIMAL TATTOO IDENTIFICATION every year for customers nationwide.

Our ANIMAL TATTOO IDENTIFICATION meet and exceed expectations, which is why our customers come back again and again.


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