7 Character Impression" /> Ketchum Ear Tattoo Outfit Model 101

Ketchum Ear Tattoo Outfit Model 101
1/4" Characters
7 Character Impression

Catalog Number: 322E

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  • Description

    Ketchums offers small character tattoo outfits for the permanent marking of very young piglets, dogs, rabbits and chinchillas. These smaller tattoo characters incorporate needle point pins.

    Standard outfit contains: forceps, characters 0-9, 28 gm. (1 oz.) tube of green tattoo paste ink, and instructions.

    Model 101 Tattoo Outfit:
    6mm (1 /4") character size. The model 101 tattoo forcep holds up to 7 characters in one row.

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    Ear Tattoo Video


  • Customer Reviews

    by Nedzad Turnadzic on 11/18/19

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