ketchum ink remover for clean tatoo tools

Ketchum Ink Remover

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ketchum ink remover for clean tatoo tools

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    Ketchum Ink Remover is an Ideal product to remove ink from tattoo characters. Mix with warm water and let slapper head with characters sit overnight. In morning, a light rinse with water and characters are clean. 1L Container.

    Tattoo clarity is the cornerstone to a strong Livestock Management system. Have your tattoos ever been compromised by a plugged slapper? Ketchum has innovated again with our new Ketchum Ink Remover. This is not for washing your hands. This is a powerful tool that restores the integrity of the tattoo by loosening and removing "ground in" debris from the slapper. Finally, an effective and sensible tool to manage your Livestock ID program, that will pay dividends time and time again.

    Simple process to clean:

    • Mix half of container with warm water, approx. 3 gallons (12 litres)
    • Let slapper and characters sit overnight
    • Remove slappers and characters from water mixture
    • Gently rinse
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