firefighter accountability tags
firefighter accountability tags

Accountability Tags

Catalog Number: 421-FF

firefighter accountability tags
firefighter accountability tags

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Accountability Tag -Front 
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  • Description

    Custom engraved nylon tags used as part of a firefighter fireground accountability system.
    The tag blank is $1.50   Additional engraving charged as indicated.


    Tag Measurements:
    Thickness: 0.175"
    Width: 2.20"
    Height: 3.50"
    Hole: 1.00" Diameter


    Common System: 

    A two (2) tag accountability system is very popular.   One tag is used to indicate that the FF is on the fire scene, while the second tag is used, like an "entry permit", to account for the FFs that enter a building.  This tag should be immediately retrieved by the FF upon exiting the building.  Thus creating a real time tally of the firefighters that are in a building.

    Our computer controlled engraver can quickly create a tag to meet the needs of your accountability program. If you have a list of individual tags or require something special, please e-mail [email protected]
    call 800-222-0460 or fax 518-696-4048 to save us both time and money, otherwise, you may order below! 
    Visit our local FD

    Download our  tag layout.pdf  to help you design your custom accountability tags.


  • Customer Reviews

    by Anonymous on 07/03/19

    Great product

    by C. Capaldi on 08/20/19

    by T. Reilly on 10/27/19

    by A. Miller on 01/27/20

    Very nice product and was exactly what I wanted!

    by James Chavous on 02/27/20

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