4 Character Impression " /> Stone Tattooing Sets with Positive Ear Release Large - 3/8'' Digits

Anaimal tatoo kit with black ink

Stone Tattoo set w/ Ear Release Large
3/8" Digits
4 Character Impression

Catalog Number: 322

Anaimal tatoo kit with black ink

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  • Description

    Permanently mark your animals with a tattoo outfit. Good lasting marks can be obtained with a little care.

    This tattoo outfit consists of a cast aluminum plier which holds four (4) 3/8" high characters, one set of numbers (0 to 9), and a 3 oz. jar of black tattoo ink.

    Green and black tattoo ink is also available in paste or roll-on. Green is easier to read on dark eared animals.

    Determine the size of a digit by measuring the printing height of the character from a top pin to a bottom pin.

    Large - 3/8" Digits

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